DIPLOMA IN Obesity Management

Eligibility: Medical Doctor, Graduate in any field or Educated Beauty Therapist.

Therapies for Inch Loss, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Spot Reduction, Reshaping as done in leading Weight Loss Clinics. Leading clinics in Mumbai are of Tulip Students

Job / Career Opportunities: Become Weight Loss Expert/ Obesity Consultant for starting a Weight Loss Centre or become an Independent Freelancer

  • Course Fee: Rs. 35990/- all inclusive.
  • Days & Time : Sun – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Duration : 1 ½ Months

Contents :

Tulip Students & Their Clinics:

Dr. Puneet Nayak's Prettislim, Dr. Sonal Doshi's Trinity, Dr. Amit Karkhanis' Tvacha, Dr. Bhavana Shah's Fitness Highway, Dr. Vidyut Sodha's Fat 2 Fit, Dr. Geetaa Shah's Fat Free, Shelly Khera's Slim Sutra, Ravi Krishnamurthy's Lifestyle Clinic, Ms. Agarwal's Fit & Fine, Dr. Priya Weling's Rejuve , Dr. Sharda Shirke's Skin vitals, Dr. Surjeet's Ultra Slim Laser Clinic, Dr Amrapali Patil's Trim & Tone etc. & about 50 other Weight loss clinics..

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